Beholder’s Eye

This is just 1/4 of the story but I felt the urge to share this and inspire girls/women who judge themselves more than others do.

Yes I do also judge myself oftentimes and it leads to a certain number of negative effects especially on my self-esteem. I totally agree with this: “We are our own worst critics”. Right?

It’s a Sunday so I went to the church. As I crossed the street and walked past this busy sidewalk with full of people walking, eating street foods and also cars making its way to the narrow road, there’s this not-so-old but yes, an old man who I felt glued his eyes on me from afar. It doesn’t make sense to me when times like that happen, so I just continued walking but then it all made sense to me when we got to cross each other’s path. I felt so conscious so I tried to glance at him and there he is, looking at me with sparkles on his eyes and said with a slow tone of sincerity, awe and admiration, “Ang gandang dalaga.” BIG WORD! He said it when he finally met my eye so I really felt how that old man really wanted to compliment me even if I don’t know him. I wish I could thank him. He doesn’t know how much it means for a potato like me who wore only a pair of old jeans and sweatshirt with her messy hair down and her face soaking in sweat. For a moment I was confused but eventually I smiled like an idiot realizing how appreciative I should be for his kind words. It sounds more of a comforting compliment rather than a flattering one. There’s a big difference between the two.

Sometimes, it only takes a stranger to see your real beauty. People have their own perception and definition of beauty and that’s what makes this life perfect. Despite the oppositions, positive or negative, at the end of the day, the criticisms we receive will turn out as a treasure if we learn to value each of them. In my case, the old man’s heart-warming opinion taught me to love and accept myself more, just the way I am.

Like what Dove says, “You are more beautiful than you think”.

Let’s not forget that God created each one of us uniquely distinct from others.

Stop judging and start loving yourself.

Give someone a compliment today. You don’t know how much it means for them and how you can make them happy in such a simple way.

Have a great day!:)

Floating Unconsciously

Right now, I am at the Internet Research Center (IRC) of our school and I just wanna write anything I can come up to.

What I can remember as of now are the “sabaw” moments because I still feel so “sabaw” and “lutang” until now. Well, you might ask what is it about. Filipinos usually use it as an expression nowadays. It’s like when we tend to be physically present but mentally absent or so. Yep! It’s like floating around, daydreaming. Being there, but not completely. Also, lacking the ability to respond quickly to the happenings around you. “Loading”, as said by many.


What made me feel so “sabaw” today?
I had a 7:30am class this morning and here I am, waiting for our next class at 1:30. I wanna read lotsa stuffs and so I ended up here blogging about random things and stumbling and tweeting and stalking and reading news from all over the world. Just random stuffs, really.

I came home last night at 10pm. I can’t even believe I arrived home safe & sound because I was sleeping on my way home. Haha! I still didn’t get enough sleep so I’m like having a hangover of sleepiness from yesterday’s activities.

So are you now getting the point of being SABAW? =))

I don’t exactly know what I am blogging about. As I said, I just feel like writing so I write. I wanna share how my sabaw-ness can lead to (awesome?) weird experiences. Talk about experiences! Me, my sister, mom and niece went to Manila Ocean Park just a month ago. Of course it was a very tiring day. We got to go here and there etc. Like what anybody would feel, we were so hungry so we ate at a certain restaurant there. So what? Here’s my short sabaw story… (introduction palang pala yun noh? haha.)

We sat there waiting for our orders. We talked about random things. I talked to them although I felt so sleepy & hungry at the same time. I was still OK, but then… my mom brought up a conversation and then there was me… unconsciously staring blankly on the wall. Floating… Loading… It felt like I was in a fairytale (I can’t remember what I was thinking but I guess that was about a guy who… hehe.) And then suddenly, the silence faded and I heard a voice. My mom was like, “Huy!” then I said “Ha?” My sister was like wtf… “Hala? bingi.” Hahaha! That moment is just… ugh. All I know is that I was floating, to the point that I can’t hear and see anything around me. But I was alive, awake, (enthusiastic?) and my eyes were open.

I thought it only happens in the movies but then it happened to me for the first time and it kinda sound so funny but it’s really awesome! It’s like I produced a natural editing in a movie happening in my reality. =(:)

It doesn’t matter, as long as I know I’m still in the present even though sometimes I wish I don’t. :PI know I am not the only one. You too can experience this! You might even have experienced this kind of thing already. It’s awesome. Haha!
I’m a proud sabaw-er, lutang-er, float-er. I don’t know why. Maybe because my friends are even worse. Haha! And they can bear with me.

But I tell you, too much sabaw-ness and lutang-ness is… annoying, for other people. So beware! It’s fun to be lutang sometimes but don’t overdo it ’cause if you do, you have to deal with the consequences and so you have to master the art of floating.

Good luck!😀



Have you ever said that deadly statement?

Yes? — That’s good, honest kid.
No? — C’mon, haven’t gone through puberty? LOL.

One word: SLOTH.

There are so many things you can do to keep yourself busy. And when I say busy, I don’t mean TWEETING, FACEBOOK-ING, INSTAGRAM-ING, TUMBLR-ING, CANDY CRUSHING, and the like. Rather, doing things that you need or want to accomplish. Most likely related to school or work.

Being “productive” it is. Consider going home from a long trip or busy schedule of activities at school or endless meetings at work, doesn’t it make any sense? Of course it does. It feels so much better when you realize that 1 of your 365 days in a year isn’t wasted. When you spend your time wisely, you get to be more satisfied. Admit it!

Well, I decided to write about this very common problem among young adults today after analyzing some of the facts about saying “I’m bored.” during our previous bible study (with my cof1 family). I don’t wanna say this but it is 100% true that it attracts negative vibes and we tend to commit deadly sins. This unequivocal comprehension of mine –that being busy is far much better than doing absolutely NOTHING– really got deeper. And yes, when I say “nothing” I mean doing the things I mentioned above. Worse? Doing completely nothing as in BLANK. It can range from “sitting/lying in bed for hours just…lying there” to “sleeping all day”. Talk about overthinking, yes I guess it’s unhealthy but not that bad because it serves its benefits, for me.:)

Nah, don’t tell me doing those things are GREAT. *sigh* but yeah, you can laugh all you want for acknowledging these hurtful truths.😉

Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.

William Penn

Honestly, I really can’t see any sense in saying “I’m bored.” (Even if I said it a couple million times before. BEFORE.) We say it when the truth is that we just don’t know how to value our time. I did that, a lot. And now that I’m continuously learning, sharing is the best thing I can do. Mind you, I don’t say “I’m bored” anymore. I’m scared for my life!

Instead of complaining because of your indolence, better get your ass up and do stupendous things. You can always start little by little. I believe big things are built with small things (like a wall with hollow blocks) anyway. So it can be your hobby, the things that can make you, others & God happy, reading books, setting your goals, spending some quality time with your family, and a lot more! That’d mean a great deal, my friend. Not just for your peers (who are bothered seeing your horrible tweet), but also for yourself! Believe me, after practicing your productivity skills, you’ll feel this WOW sensation that you’ve done something great you never thought you would! Am I right? =)

I’m afraid the devil will continue to haunt us by wasting our precious time. So let’s start being prolific as it definitely glorifies God! Try it, Start NOW.

And remember:

Waste your money and you’re only out of money, but waste your time and you’ve lost a part of your life.
Michael LeBoeuf

Have a good day!:)

Bittersweet Anticipation

After the hassling online registration we’ve been to, we finally have our schedules for the first semester.

Unfortunately, me and my friends don’t completely have the same exact schedule. One has to be separated for 6 other classes and I’m truly sad about it!😦 We’ll still get to see each other in 2 of our subjects tho. 5 of us must have been together throughout the sem but 3 subjects interfered. WTF. -__-

On a lighter note, me  and Nneka got the same schedule. Hooray!:) But… didn’t I mention my problem? If you read my previous post: haha! And what’s funny is that we have the same problem and we’re going to have a 7:30am class! How’s that?

challnge accepted

May the odds be ever in our favor!😀

One step at a TIME


(photo from:

Punctuality is the virtue of the bored.

Really? I don’t know if I’d be happy about this or what. I used to say “I’m bored”, when the truth is I am not. But now having read that quote, I definitely am not proud of myself.

I’m surely marked as the “late person” by most of the people I know, especially those in the school. Honestly, it has been a BIG problem for me since Grade school. I don’t know. I really don’t know what’s wrong but I’m sure that something’s wrong with ME.

Poor time management skills sucks big time.

Now that another school year is approaching, I shall embark on taking a new step for the better ME.


Being on time shows that you are DEDICATED.

Ouch! Just ouch. Heard the topic on the radio was also about punctuality & dedication. Coincidence?

Dedication– I’ve been working hard to be as dedicated as possible in the things I do, but I found out that I can’t truly be successful if I can’t observe one simple etiquette, being punctual.

Punctuality isn’t just about being able to attend your appointments early/on time, but I also consider it as planning ahead, finishing things on time, meeting deadlines, and alike.

So if you’re like me, it’s never too LATE to change.

Ipso facto, I’m still young and I believe there’s always a room for improvement. ALWAYS.:) So to get things better and to be prepared for the professional years I’ll face in the future, now’s the time to conjure some changes.

I’ve had enough bad experiences as results of my so-called chronic tardiness and I don’t wanna add more. Pfft! I can even call some of them as “traumatizing” experiences but I don’t regret having them. I’m not perfect after all. I just think that they all happened for a reason so that I’ll learn. I always make sure to learn from my mistakes.:)

Well, taking a new step is not that easy, but all I need is to have FOCUS. This is one of my new goals and I know someday all my hard work to eliminate my bad habits will pay off. AMEN.

Just wanna share this page I found to be somehow helpful: